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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully you'll find everything you need to know here. If not, please contact us.

Opening times

We are open from 10am, music starts at 12pm and we close at 2am on Sunday.


Are the rides free for children?

Yes, children rides are included in the ticket price :)


When will tickets be posted?

All purchases - including T-Shirts & Hoodies - will be posted roughly two weeks before the event.


Is there parking?

Yes, there is free parking on site.


Can you bring your own food/ booze?

Yes, you can bring a picnic/ supplies for the day  or/and use our food stalls and bars.


Are dogs allowed?

Yes, but from experience, we think it's best you don't bring them. If you do, please clean up after them and make sure they behave.

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Fun for all the family

Garstonbury was designed by our family for yours. You can't be too young or old to attend - everyone is welcome.

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