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The Line Up


Freddie Mercury


Tribute Band

A Garstonbury favourite, he will rock you!

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Abba's Angels

Tribute Band

Garstonbury wouldn’t be Garstonbury without ABBA’s Angels, the only band to have been present since 2014. No doubt they will be one of the favourite shows yet again!

Tom Jones & Friends

Tribute Artist

Billy Lee has been performing as Tom Jones since the early 90’s however his world turned upside down when he made his television debut on Stars In Their Eyes – taking the tribute world by storm!


Spice Girls Experience

Tribute Band

I’ll tell you what you want, what you really really want!


The Spice Girls Experience have been performing all over UK and Europe for over 10 Years and are the UK's No.1 Spice Girls tribute act - they are Girl Power!

Michael Jackson

Tribute Artist

Awarded the ‘No.1 UK Michael Jackson Tribute Show’ at the 2013 UK National Tribute Awards, the show has become one of the most in-demand tributes in the country.

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